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Your business is only as good as the software driving it

Robotic software testing. Qentinel Pace™ makes you confident in your code.

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What is test automation?


What every digital executive should know about testing?


How to automate testing with superior efficiency


How to do automation to minimize maintenance effort?

Your business is only as good as the software driving it

Stop and think for a minute. What do you know about the systems your business relies on? Where do they come from? How do you know if something goes wrong?

“Perfectly correct IT” or “100% quality assurance” only exists in fairy tales. You cannot fully control and assure your IT operation. In fact, you don’t even know where all your critical business systems are or how and when they are being updated. You can, however, systematically reduce and manage the risk associated with your business-critical information systems.

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Succeed from coding to production

Test automation is notoriously expensive to perform and even more expensive to maintain, even with the most advanced tools. Therefore, automation should first be applied to tests that are frequently repeated and infrequently changed.

Test automation, if done well, may save quite a bit of human effort. Bigger gains, however, come from time saved. In a best-case scenario, test automation can accelerate your testing by as much as 90% simply by eliminating waiting times from the process.

A testing job that takes more than six calendar days can be completed in a few hours by automated tests. The corrections in the code can be verified any time by just re-running the tests. The time saved in the feedback cycle is immense.

Automated tests are just part of test automation. Check out our view on testing.

Just automate it

Deploying a comprehensive test automation should simultaneously be cost-effective. Now cost-effective does not necessarily mean it is cheap, rather it means that the solution should, scale bi-directionally, address majority of a business’s quality assurance needs, enable high productivity and low maintainability and reduce idle costs. Simultaneously, the test automation should keep its usability and robustness.

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“You can’t release diving instruments without quality assurance. Faulty diving equipment can cost lives, so proper testing is vital.“

Jarmo Rautiainen, Technical Project Manager Cloud Services, Suunto

“The number of tests that need to be run is constantly increasing. We have created testing processes to be part of the service so that the test processes can be easily launched whenever new features are added to the service.“

Esko Harjama, Director, Enterprise Architecture, Metso


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