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Qentinel Pace is the most productive testing solution for your software-driven business processes, end-to-end

Qentinel Pace is the next generation robotic software testing platform. It has superior capabilities in both end-to-end business process testing and software development:

  • As a cloud-based testing solution, it’s easy and quick to set up since the test infrastructure is readily built in, giving users a chance to start automating tests right away.
  • Easy and scalable way to view testing removes boring and mundane tasks from software development, letting testers and developers focus on important issues.
  • Built on open source: it offers the qualities users seek and constant development of Robot Framework, Selenium, Appium, Git and Jenkins.

With Qentinel Pace, you can utilize the full potential of automated software testing. Qentinel Pace is highly scalable, easily maintainable and extremely productive solution for testing and developing software. It doesn’t only accelerate your speed of innovation and go to market, but also provides you with a holistic view of your DevOps health and analytic predictions. Using AI and machine learning, you get cutting-edge analytics on the current and future quality of the whole software system. When test cases collect data and tests are planned in detail, you get great test coverage, easy maintenance in complex environments, and proper data to base decisions on.

Start your journey with Qentinel Pace by learning about test automation in more detail and diving deeper into the benefits of efficient testing. Upgrade your business into 2020’s and start getting fast data-driven results. The future of software development is in automation.


What is test automation?

Qentinel Pace features

  • Test automation as SaaS: Always ready and up to date
  • Keyword testing
  • Data driven testing
  • Test case Recording
  • Local development and in-cloud development
  • PaceEditor: Machine learning editor
  • Test step prediction
  • Advanced test case analytics
  • Robust and self-healing test cases
  • Highly accurate computer vision

Quality to your software development

Qentinel Pace revolutionizes software development by curbing typical quality assurance bottlenecks: slow feedback cycles, high maintenance costs, poor scalability and zero to minimal intelligence. Qentinel Pace give you continuous, real-time data over the quality of the software. Developers know whether their new upcoming release is ready enough to go live, or if the updates are likely to break something.


Testing software processes from one end to another

Qentinel Pace ensures the success of your business by assuring the quality of business critical end-to-end processes in the ever-growing ecosystem. Qentinel Pace uses computer vision to test those parts of software which are usually hard or impossible to test manually. A test robot equipped with computer vision will look through the software and click its way through the processes quickly and easily, as if it was a human doing the work. This way business process testing becomes simple and both testers and business managers don’t need to spend hours checking if core business processes are still running as they should.

Towards more productive future

The amount of software and digitalization within corporations is increasing vastly. Manual testing can’t keep up with the quality assurance of large and complex software ecosystems. On the other hand, in agile and quick paced world of software development testing can’t be a bottleneck, it needs to exist as a liquid and natural part of the software development life-cycle.

Read Qentinel Report 2019 and know how test automation assures continuity at Finnish Taxation Administration, forest harvester manufacturer Ponsse, and digital service provider Gofore.

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Kevin Glynn, Vice President and Chief Information Officer at DSC Logistics


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