Quality gives you an edge

Continually improving. Focusing on what matters. Making a difference with wise decisions.

Quality is success in change

This is quality. Quality of a product or service means value to its user and advantage to its creator.

Digital transformation is what you decide

Successful competitors have managed quality and speed correctly. The winners will combine agile development and rapid learning. Combine your business insight with Qentinel’s methods to create conditions for effective decisions. Effective decisions based on accurate information generate value as challenging initiatives are carried through successfully, productivity improves and targeted business benefits are realised.

Quality is success in change

Quality is all about generating more value. Focusing on what matters. Always learning from what you do. Quality gives you an edge.

An edge

Our clients are front runners

Our clients are not concerned with getting camels through the eye of a needle. They lead success, not problems. There is a method for succeeding in transformation.

Our clients

Re-imagine quality!

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Share a love of quality with us

If you are genuinely proud of succeeding for a client and continually learning new things, then we may be a match made in heaven.


Our clients agree

  • “I like the Quality Intelligence way of thinking. It is a more in-depth method than traditional business case calculations.  Quality Intelligence thinking is a very clear way of getting to grips with the value creation of data systems.“

    - Lauri Halkola, Group Manager, Data Management and Tools, TeliaSonera
  • “You can’t release diving instruments without quality assurance. Faulty diving equipment can cost lives, so proper testing is vital.“

    - Jarmo Rautiainen, Technical Project Manager Cloud Services, Suunto
  • “We fulfilled our basic remit, which was to get some process documentation and process discipline. I’m pleased with our first project with Qentinel and I look forward to hopefully doing more with them.“

    - Kevin Glynn, Vice President and Chief Information Officer at DSC Logistics

Quality is an attitude. Seeking for solutions? Reaching for digital opportunities?

We believe that any transformation related to digitalization has to enhance quality of life.

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