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We believe your business is only as good as the software driving it. If your business processes fail, so will your revenue. Updates and unexpected changes in massive software systems shouldn’t cause crisis to your operations. We specialize in quality assurance of those complex systems. We provide a test automation platform which is easily customizable for your automation needs.

Qentinel Pace comes to you in three parts. First it makes testing easy for technical people. Test automation frees them from mundane manual labour and repetitive tasks, so they can focus on the actual problem solving and development. Second part comes for product leaders, who can release new software faster and have clear data-centred view over the quality of the new release. Thirdly test automation with Qentinel Pace brings your digital executives simple metrics and analytics on which they can base decisions on.

Start you journey with Qentinel Pace by learning about test automation in more detail and diving deeper into the benefits of efficient testing. Upgrade your business into 2020’s and start getting fast data-driven results. The future of software development is in automation.


What is test automation?

Towards more productive future

The amount of software and digitalization within corporations is increasing vastly. Manual testing can’t keep up with the quality assurance of large and complex software ecosystems. On the other hand, in agile and quick paced world of software development testing can’t be a bottleneck, it needs to exist as a liquid and natural part of the software development life-cycle.

Read Qentinel Report 2019 and know how test automation assures continuity at Finnish Taxation Administration, forest harvester manufacturer Ponsse, and digital service provider Gofore.

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Your business is only as good as the software driving it


How to succeed from coding to production?


Why should I automate testing?

Does the success of your business depend on the flawless operation of your information systems? It does for most businesses today.

Stop and think for a minute. What do you know about the systems your business relies on? Where do they come from? How is their quality managed? How do you know if something goes wrong? How can you reduce the risk of something going wrong? What are the biggest risks that could materialize? How likely are they?

Most business executives say they protect against information system risks by sanctioning their IT suppliers and integrators. Think again! If something goes wrong with your business and your customers suffer, what are the IT sanctions worth? Will they cover your losses? Will they bring back lost business? Will they reassure disappointed customers?

Test automation is notoriously expensive to perform and even more expensive to maintain, even with the most advanced tools. Therefore, automation should first be applied to tests that are frequently repeated and infrequently changed.

Test automation, if done well, may save quite a bit of human effort. Bigger gains, however, come from time saved. In a best-case scenario, test automation can accelerate your testing by as much as 90% simply by eliminating waiting times from the process.

Deploying a comprehensive test automation should simultaneously be cost-effective. Now cost-effective does not necessarily mean it is cheap, rather it means that the solution should, scale bi-directionally, address majority of a business’s quality assurance needs, enable high productivity and low maintainability and reduce idle costs. Simultaneously, the test automation should keep its usability and robustness.

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Kevin Glynn, Vice President and Chief Information Officer at DSC Logistics


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