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Qentinel works with businesses where quality provides an edge. You have the business wisdom and creativity. We provide accurate quality information by the best methods in the sector. We create the edge together.




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Digitalization is not an option, but a necessity. Digitalization and global competition are making quality more important than ever. Even though steady quality guarantees competitiveness, it is never enough when change occurs. We recognise winners by the quality that makes their products and services unique.

The Qentinel philosophy of quality – Quality means the ability to generate value

We believe that any transformation related to digitalization has to enhance quality of life. Whether we are talking about a better customer experience, smarter ways of working, a more productive business idea or the latest technological innovation, everything must make people happy and increase business vitality and security in society as a whole.

The experience of value is individual and depends on human expectations. Businesses generate value for their customers, for stakeholders and for society through effective decisions. This is when challenging initiatives are carried through successfully, productivity improves and targeted business benefits are realised.

The quality balance – the four dimensions of quality

Based on experience, our philosophy of quality holds that value is not the outcome of one factor alone. Value can be reviewed from four perspectives that work together as a system, each enabling another or combining with it to support a third.

  • Quality of earning: a grasp of business needs and preparation of the business case.
  • Quality of product: in accordance with known requirements.
  • Quality of doing: implemented and operated swiftly, productively and predictably.
  • Quality of feeling: approved by end users.

Quality is correct and effective decisions

Qentinel is all about information. Everything we do for our clients seeks to ensure that they have access to accurate, timely, correctly interpreted and intelligibly presented information on quality. This information combines with Qentinel’s methods and the client’s business insight to create ideal conditions for effective decisions.

Those decisions guide business operations. When is the quality of a product good enough? Where should we be focusing our efforts right now? Do we need to increase resources or cut back on features? Which operating sectors can we improve to achieve greater productivity, speed or predictability?

Measuring, verifying and improving quality are all about:

  1. understanding what is important,
  2. investigating the state of important aspects.
  3. deciding what must be done.
  4. ensuring that it gets done, and
  5. learning from what was done.

People who focus on the essentials and learn most quickly will generate the most value. Quality provides the edge for Qentinel clients.

About us

Quality assurance is an attitude, testing is a job

It’s good to ask yourself what you appreciate. At Qentinel we appreciate the fact that fundamental aspects from salaries to occupational health are in good shape. Inspiring client projects that provide an adequate technical challenge are what make the job meaningful. And this work goes on in the company of pre-eminent quality assurance and other professionals who insist on the very best. Every day is a learning experience.

This is our starting point.

But there’s much more to it than this. It’s about finding your own place in the job just the way you are. Your professional adventure can assume a variety of roles. You may be an introverted technological genius or a client-oriented developer. All of our people nevertheless share an investigative and developing character combined with passion and curiosity.

Management is everybody’s business at Qentinel, and that includes managing yourself. That’s why the people who feel most at home with us are those who seek to make independent decisions and have a genuine passion for the field of quality assurance. We are all keen to do our jobs well. Really well. And this means working to optimise the client’s business operations.

A job application is a good time to think about whether we appreciate the same things. And if we do, then there is no time like the present.

Send your job application:

  • Test automation specialist
  • Test automation architect
  • Test automation system administrator
  • Project or testing manager
  • Quality Intelligence Manager

And who knows where we will end up?

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