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About Qentinel

Driven by Quality

We exist to create complete confidence in your code.

Our cloud-based test automation solution accelerates software creation and provides insights that help you deliver fast and flawlessly.

Qentinel is now Copado

In July 2021, Qentinel became part of Copado family and Qentinel Pace changed into Copado Robotic Testing. Even under new name, we continue to deliver the best quality assurance and confidence in software.

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Predicting quality of an information system

Quality Intelligence® (QI) is a method of performing predictive analysis describing quality of an information system. The purpose of QI is to utilize statistical analysis and machine learning to find dependencies between different value metrics and establish a model to predict selected information system’s quality.

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How do we do it?

  • Step 1: Automate

    Qentinel’s cloud-based solution tests it all. From scuba diving instruments to large-scale information systems. We simply hook your software up to our test bench and let the testing begin. It integrates with your other tools. And it scales up for large systems and organizations.

  • Step 2: Analyze

    Next, Qentinel makes its findings visible. We translate the test results and other performance data to key metrics that can be easily analyzed through a highly-intuitive, user-friendly dashboard. This aggregated, all-inclusive approach identifies areas of successful performance and areas in need of improvement – keeping you on route to your final destination.

  • Step 3: Optimize

    Lastly, you can create and manage your own actionable improvement plan using our Value Creation Model™. Optimization is streamlined by speedy results, easy-to-understand metrics and a solution customized for your success. Quality has never been so easy.

Our purpose

Improving the quality of life by improving the quality of software.


Together as individuals

We value team work and want to work together as individuals. With both our customers and partners alike.

Honest and trustworthy

We want to build better future by building better software. The only way to do that is complete honesty and visibility.

Courageous Forerunner

We aim high above the clouds. We’re not here to follow but to lead the way to quality software.


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We accelerate your software development and improve the user experience with robotics testing. That is our specialty and we are the best at it.


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