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Why efficiency is important?

Efficiency is the ease and speed of becoming and staying productive. Becoming productive addresses on how quickly you are setup and start to reap the benefits of robotic software testing. Whereas, staying productive is that you can stay productive and manage the amount of test maintenance.


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Low cost of maintenance

Maintenance costs tend to increase a lot when automation coverage and number of cases increases. That is why we have put effort on making it minimum. Our largest customer has 18 000 automated tests with 700 000 test steps. These automated tests are executed 500 hours every single day. Sounds heavy, but is actually simple:

  • Tests have been automated by using PaceWords methodology
  • This allows 20 key words to cover 80% of the test steps.

Compared to some other open source and recording based test automation frameworks, maintaining tests with PaceWords is 5 times more effective: it takes less than 15% compared to your average 75% of effort spent on maintenance.

Effective handling of large number of tests

Same test can run across different web browsers, mobile, and native applications. With the help of machine vision you can automate native desktop applications, such as SAP, as well as web or mobile applications.

Superior test design concept

Qentinel Pace superior test design concept follows the line of thought of a human being and therefore enables non-programmers to develop tests. You can edit, run and debug tests in the cloud. You can utilize PaceWords to write tests. We can guarantee that usage of PaceWords comes with lighter maintenance work in the future years of utilization and reuse!

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