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Why scalability is important?

Your businesses depends on more than one software and their interoperability, regardless of whether you are a software company or a company whose business is heavily dependent on it. The ecosystem that your business depends on, and is going to inevitably depend more and more on, is experiencing few shifts:

  • Complexity of ecosystems is growing out of hands
  • More and more of software is either already in the cloud or are moving towards cloud: Salesforce, SAP etc.
  • Transition towards DevOps

All of which leads to an increasing dependence on QA. Now, you would definitely not want your speed of innovation, time to go to market or agility to suffer, because your testing solution either cannot scale at all or the scaling puts a lot of stress on time, money and resources. Also, you would not like to incur hefty costs because the solution, that you just scaled up with enormous effort, needs equal amount of effort to scale down, when not required.


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Ready to run test infrastructure

With Qentinel Pace it takes only few seconds to create a robot and you are all set to run your first automated test case. Qentinel Pace makes you free from worrying about test infrastructure procurement, deployment and maintenance so you can focus on more productive tasks. You can execute infinite number of test suites in parallel 24/7.

Always on and always available. And as much as needed.

Scales across platforms, test types and capacity

Qentinel Pace scales to the needs of large software systems and organizations. You can test different target systems and platforms: applications running on different websites, native OS and mobile.  Qentinel Pace fits for all kinds of testing needs from development to deployment. It is productive solution across the organization and teams. You can also easily utilize existing test cases developed for other frameworks.

Volume-based monthly subscription

The price of Qentinel Pace is usage-based. The price is based on the amount of work the robots do, i.e. the time spent running the tests. The difference with robots and humans beings is that robots are cheaper, they work tirelessly, and they rarely quit or get sick. Once you have Qentinel Pace, you may grant access to anyone you like – even if he or she were a member of a different organization, at no extra cost.

Simply you pay a SaaS subscription. The price is based on your consumption of test execution capacity. Consumption is measured in robot hours: typically one robot hours corresponds to tens of human hours. There is a suitable size for every use.

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