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Customer Experience Expert

Customer Experience Expert links the employee experience to the customer experience

I started as a customer experience expert in a situation where customer’s employees had a difficulty to see how their own work connected with organizational level Net Promoter Score (NPS) measurements. The company’s top-level goals were not meaningful for an individual employee. It was difficult for the employees to see the significance of their own work and their role in achieving the goals. The work significance for the company and its customers became blurred for the employees, even though customer experience was an important priority also for the senior management.

Enabling customer experience management through interviews and value creation modeling

We tackled the customer’s challenge with Qentinel’s value creation modeling methods. First, we interviewed more than 30 people with different roles in the organization as a basis for the Value Creation Model™. The top-level corporate objectives were broken down into causal connections for each individual employees.

The particularly interesting question was: How does a single employee affect the work of the whole team and how can the team affect the success of the whole company.

For the team responsible for the customer experience, we facilitated workshops where they had to, for example, consider how to identify relevant employee performance indicators that have an impact on the top-level NPS.

Why did we succeed?

It was important to create a common understanding on how customer experience is formed, how the roles affect it, and how customer experience is linked to the top-level goals. For this we utilized Qentinel’s Value Creation Model™, which worked well and helped the customer to commit to a co-operation. The customer gained new insights on the significance of customer experience and what advantages our service gave them.

This was the first major international customer experience assignment for me. It was extremely interesting and educational. It was great to take a peek into the customer experience realm of a global business.

Sara Toivakainen, Customer Experience Expert


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