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Monitoring the usability of data systems


Monitoring the usability of data systems

HUS, The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa consists of 24 hospitals and several other units, all of which together use more than 15,000 workstations.

Qentinel, in cooperation with HUS Tietohallinto (data unit of HUS), designed an automatic service, which monitors the nursing staff that uses the patient information system at work. The monitor measures the duration of patient information searches and gives an alarm if a search is slowed down in any HUS unit within the scope of the service.

Search times are important, not only for smooth workflow, but for finances. An enormous number of searches are made every minute. Even changes of a few seconds multiply drastically in the impact on working hours. Earlier the administrators measured search times by using a stopwatch.

Top-level monitoring is important in clinical work

Without any independent application-level monitoring, not all changes causing problems could be detected or added to statistical information. The visual design of the monitoring solution is built to be illustrative and intuitive and it has received plenty of positive feedback. The visual runs continuously on a large screen in the IT support centre, where they can obtain the search time information automatically and in real-time.

Benefits for HUS


Improved patient information system

Service quality of the patient information system can be measured and improved.


Real-time and unit-specific information at a glance

Offers a visual view, producing real-time and unit-specific information about service functionality.


Improved flow of clinical work

Increased security and reliability in healthcare systems, improving the smoothness of clinical work.

About HUS

HUS (the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa) is a joint authority formed by 24 municipalities. Its task is to provide its member municipalities and their residents with the required special medical care and services for people with intellectual disabilities. HUS Tietohallinto is a unit which delivers data system and IT services to HUS, its partners, business units, subsidiaries and affiliates. Among other things, HUS Tietohallinto provides data system and data centre services as well as basic IT services. Principal data systems include patient information, financial and HR systems, as well as systems for support service units. HUS Tietohallinto serves its customers in IT service or support request matters around the clock.

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“We want to find and fix problems before they are visible to users.“

– Risto Laakkonen, Production Manager, HUS Tietohallinto


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