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Sanoma Media

Quality assurance of new ERP system


Sanoma Media operates on more channels than any other Finnish media house. They are a pioneer in digital publishing so finally the day came when it was the time to replace their 30 year-old, homemade and monolithic ERP system. The replacement was done in phases and tested carefully to enable creation of new processes and business formats. Quality assurance of the new system was critical part of the transformation.

Due to digitalization a very swift and dramatic change has occurred in Sanoma’s operating environment. This has resulted in a pressure to bring new, yet reliable, services rapidly onto the market and has made the processes more complex. With digitalization, came the need to upgrade ERP system into a new one and need to make sure business processes work before release. Sanoma also wanted precise descriptions and measurements in various process stages, which Qentinel was able to provide.

The setup and the measuring specification phases required a lot of work and precise details, but it subsequently enabled easy and efficient access to information.

Sanoma not only gained a testing service for the project, but also learned a great deal about testing and quality assurance, and has since enjoyed subsequent benefits to its in-house testing expertise and skills. This together with access to testing tools has enabled Sanoma to do independent testing in different areas of its business like maintenance, operations and reporting.

Testing needs to be on focus from the very beginning of a project, and it’s important to assign the testing responsibility explicitly.

Quality assurance testing

Benefits for Sanoma Media


Able to conduct independent testing

Gained learning about testing, and with an in-house testing expertise and the Qentinel tools, Sanoma can perform independent testing.


Efficient access to business relevant information

Convenient and fast access to information allowed creation of new processes and business formats.


Testing expertise

While there at first was no in-house testing expertise, Qentinel served as an expert partner.

About Sanoma Media

Sanoma Media Finland operates in more channels than any other Finnish media house. The company is known for its leading brands. Sanoma delivers information, experiences and entertainment through newspaper and magazine, television, radio, online and mobile services reaching almost everyone in Finland on a daily basis. Sanoma Media Finland is part of the Sanoma Group, a European pioneer in consumer media and learning services.

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“In testing the technical quality is always taken for granted, but I think the quality of the entire testing process must be equally excellent.“

Tiina Kanerva, Head of Development at Sanoma Media Finland

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