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A revolution in industrial production

A revolution in industrial production

Modernizing production management at one of the world’s most advanced packaging steel manufacturers was similar to performing open-heart surgery.

ThyssenKrupp Rasselstein is the largest production company in its industry and one of the undisputed pioneers of digital networking in industrial production.

For 365 days a year, the facility produces 400 meters of precision steel strip every minute. Dozens of individual units are involved in the production process.

A team of specialists oversees the complex technology system that has been developed and continually optimised at the plant over decades.

However the company decided that it wanted to modernize the entire automation pyramid – from the ERP system to production and manufacturing management systems and all the way down to the control and sensor level.

Maximum benefit from systems overhaul

To ensure a quality outcome for the mammoth project, the company hired Qentinel experts. With experience gained from more than 300 sophisticated implementation projects, Qentinel was able to provide proven methodologies as well as knowledge and human resources and also established a dedicated Project Management Office to coordinate the large number of sub-projects.

Qentinel helped the customer to maximise and reap the practical benefits of the new phase of industrial digitization and networking. Qentinel ensured with Quality Intelligence methods that the overhaul of the logistics IT system was assessed for cost-effectiveness.

As early as the preparation phase of the project, Qentinel helped manage the highly demanding customization and implementation of the new IT systems.

During the testing phase, Qentinel Pace will put the new systems and interfaces through their paces. After passing acceptance tests, they will be transitioned into production.


Benefits for ThyssenKrupp


Calculation of added value

The amortization of the IT system was calculated ex-ante and formed the basis of the investment decision.


Centralized project and quality management

Implementation of a PMO and parallel management of multiple subprojects using Agile methods.


Management of all acceptance tests

Coordination, quality assurance and uniform reporting of all acceptance tests.

“This new era of digitalization is an evolution in our industrial production. Most important thing is to create new standards for data processing and data communication. Qentinel is a highly qualified and effective partner for us.“

– Andreas Dasbach, ThyssenKrupp Rasselstein

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