Personalizing customer experience


Qentinel helped Tieto to concretize how employees can impact on customer experience.

Tieto aims to be its customers’ first choice for business renewal. Customer experience is considered business-critical because Tieto wants to make sure every member of their organization understands its importance and how to personally influence customer experience. There’s a clear correlation between customer experience and achieving Tieto’s business objectives.

Tieto needed more predictive and real-time measurements to be able to measure both employer and customer satisfaction. Only a more proactive and real-time customer feedback data can help Tieto to focus on where the company is heading. Net Promoter Score (NPS) and other lagging metrics are only describing what happened or where the company came from.

Employee experience impacts on customer experience

Tieto wants everyone to think how each employee can personally make customer experience better every day and contribute to Tieto’s overall business objectives. Therefore, everyone at Tieto has now a customer experience related target among their individual goals. The Value Creation Model™ helps everyone to better identify factors close to their own work and what would contribute most to the improvement of their customers’ experiences. Consequently, Tieto has now included customer experience into their performance evaluation discussions.

Identifying the indicators that lead to good customer experience has a big impact on Tieto’s customer experience measurement and metrics development in the future. Tieto found The Value Creation Model™ with visual Value Paths as an excellent tool for discussions with top and middle management. It helps people in different roles understanding the problems other functions face.

Tieto’s customer experience with Qentinel was effortless and based on trust.

Qentinel helps our customers to create common understanding between the customer experience value drivers and NPS (Net Promoter Score). Qentinel makes business value transparent and actionable. Together with Qentinel, our customers can improve their customer experience and innovate systematically.

Benefits for Tieto


Transparency between employee and customer experience

Employee experience impacts on customer experience. The quality of customer experience improves when everyone recognizes in their daily work that proactive and open dialogue in customer relations is the key to mutual success.


Predictive and real-time measuring

Customer will have valuable information much earlier than before.


Improved dialog between middle and top management

Visual Value Paths help middle management to communicate and top management to see where the problems are found and to understand each other.

About Tieto

Tieto aims to become customers’ first choice for business renewal as the leading Nordic software and services company. Building on a strong Nordic heritage, Tieto combines global capabilities with local presence. Headquartered in Espoo, Finland, Tieto has around 14,000 experts in close to 20 countries. Turnover is approximately €1.5 billion. Tieto’s shares are listed on NASDAQ in Helsinki and Stockholm.

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“Identifying the indicators that lead to good customer experience will also have a big impact on our customer experience measurement and metrics development in the future.“

- Marja Leena Pinomaa, Head of Enterprise Feedback Management at Tieto

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