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Short description of Qentinel Pace test automation platform and its features.

Artificial intelligence and testing

This paper discusses the challenges and opportunities in the testing of software systems that include or rely on artificial intelligence, particularly machine-learning algorithms.

Code Sauna – Software development vs. Test automation development

How to develop software and how to develop test automation? What are the similarities and differences between these two? In this podcast Henri Terho and Nikhil Sharma share… Read more

Code Sauna – Downward Spiral in Software Development

A downward spiral, what is that? We all know software development isn’t always fun and games, especially if you promise more features with less bugs in half the… Read more

Five steps you need to apply DevOps now

If you haven’t yet adopted DevOps in your application development, start now. Simply put, DevOps is to software delivery what lean is to production processes. DevOps aims to… Read more

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