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Our aim is to provide our customers with the best possible solutions for software testing needs. Together with our partners we can create a value-proposition that makes it possible for our customers to efficiently achieve their objectives.

Here you can look for our current business partners. Contact them to learn more about our solutions and build lasting testing solutions.

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Qentinel is an official member of the SAP® PartnerEdge® Open Ecosystem, specifically in the Service Schedule.

In future, the amount of systems in the cloud will increase and so will the software updates. This makes regression testing important since core processes have to work.

Every day something you depend on gets changed somewhere. It is quite normal for a larger corporation to go through as many as 5,000 version updates per year. Some of them are highly critical, some may carry a lesser risk.

To keep up with the progress and to ensure business process end-to-end quality, Qentinel Pace – robotic software testing for SAP is the best solution.

Qentinel ja SAP Open Ecosystem

Mcanta was founded to focus on improving the efficiency of business operations through process automation and integrated software management systems.

We have three main areas. Software Test automation focusing on end to end business processes, Robotic Process Automation and Odoo ERP implementation, integration and process mapping.

Mcanta has been succesfully utilizing Qentinel Pace to deliver their customer promise for their customers in USA.

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DragonSpears is a custom software development company that applies agile methodologies and DevOps tools to architect applications with a cloud first approach. We have spent 18+ years building high-functioning software that puts our clients in a strategic position to grow and confidently respond to issues, without sacrificing time for value creation. Our software enables businesses to deploy software sooner, reduce testing time, increase the quality of their code, minimize technical debt, motivate developers, and create greater alignment between IT and the business.

With automated testing, DragonSpears can ensure the quality of the software we build and support. Qentinel provides our customers a feature-packed automated testing suite, built on top of the Robot Framework. Qentinel’s keyword based approach and cloud hosting reduces the maintenance and infrastructure burden that can come from automated QA, enabling our client’s product teams to maintain a high velocity for feature development.

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