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Test automation is notoriously expensive to perform and even more expensive to maintain, even with the most advanced tools. Therefore, automation should first be applied to tests that are frequently repeated and infrequently changed.

Test automation, if done well, may save quite a bit of human effort. Bigger gains, however, come from time saved. In a best-case scenario, test automation can accelerate your testing by as much as 90% simply by eliminating waiting times from the process.

A testing job that takes more than six calendar days can be completed in a few hours by automated tests. The corrections in the code can be verified any time by just re-running the tests. The time saved in the feedback cycle is immense.

Test automation is usually perceived as the automation of the execution of tests. This is a somewhat narrow view. Broadly speaking, test automation means:

  1. Automating execution of the tests with Qentinel Pace
  2. Automating preparation of test data with Delphix
  3. Automating creation of test cases with PaceWords
  4. Automating setup and configuration of test tools and environments
  5. Automating installation and configuration of the system being tested
  6. Automating reporting of test results
  7. Automating analysis of test results and creating value
  8. Automating reporting of test statistics and quality metrics

Test automation will deliver huge benefits if done right. Again, it all starts from understanding the quality risks, understanding the dependencies, and understanding the software process. Automating a poor process still leads to automatic mediocrity.

To automate with superior efficiency, you need to take care of all related aspects above.

Qentinel ensures that your software is running flawlessly and creating value to your business. We accelerate your software development and improve the user experience with robotics testing. That is our specialty and we are the best at it. We believe that your business is only as good as the software driving it.

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