Osallistu webinaariin: Kuinka testata SAP-ympäristöä?

Success Story



Qentinel provides Comptel with much-needed DevOps expertise

Qentinel provides Comptel with much-needed DevOps expertise Software provider Comptel wanted to migrate its portfolio of products and solutions to a DevOps-based environment. Qentinel’s Pace professional services and extensive knowledge of… Read more


Quality Intelligence® and fact-based management

Fact-based management improves customer experience When TeliaSonera was procuring an information system that would help them to identify the right criteria for evaluating customer insight, they utilised Qentinel’s… Read more


Test automation ensures agile development

Users of mobile and broadband services are demanding customers. If services don’t measure up, they change operators. Telecoms company Elisa creates new services and improves the usability of… Read more

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