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Copado Robotic Testing is a scalable testing platform in cloud. It enables organizations & teams of all skill sets to build, run, and maintain UI tests for desktop, mobile, and web applications.

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  • Web testing
  • Single user
  • 60 free test minutes/month
  • One project
  • One cloud robot
  • No parallel runs
  • Quality Intelligence for test results
  • Unlimited live testing
  • Test case recorder
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  • Web, Mobile & Desktop application testing
  • Cloud & On-Premise testing
  • Execute concurrent, parallel tests
  • Live Testing
  • Test Case recorder
  • Low-code scripting
  • Quality Intelligence for DevOps
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What is a robot?
A robot is a software entity that executes your test cases. These robots are carefully packaged with everything you need to run automated tests or tasks. You can create one in seconds, as many as you want and when you want them. Robots are the execution part of a test automation infrastructure.

What is an on-premises robot?
An on-premises robot is a robot that exists in customer’s premises, inside their network. Such robots are used for applications which are not available over public internet, mobile apps or native desktop applications.

Is personal plan really free?
Yes, personal plan is a perpetual free plan offered to anyone, anywhere in the world. We love open-source. We are the original birthplace of Robot Framework. We use a lot of open-source components in our product and this is our way of giving back to the society. Please note that a personal plan must strictly be used for personal projects or trying out, and not for commercial projects.

What is Quality Intelligence?
Quality Intelligence is a rich visualization and advanced analytics functionality in Copado Robotic Testing. You can read about it in detail in the dedicated section.

Quality Intelligence allows users to create dashboards from various sources, broadly divided into test results data and external sources. Test results data is the one you generate by executing tests on Copado Robotic Testing. Whereas, external data can be from any other source like Jira, for example.

For test results you will need Quality Intelligence for test results whereas for external sources, you would need Quality Intelligence for DevOps.

Which other features are available to me?
There are tons of features in the product. Cloud PaceEditor, VSCode PaceEditor plugin, LiveTesting for test development, test result history for every run of every robot, secret vault, scheduling to name a few. We continue adding new features every month. A tentative schedule of new features is here.

How much does it cost to upgrade or maintain Copado Robotic Testing?
Nothing. You get to enjoy the latest version of Copado Robotic Testing all the time. We are responsible for maintaining and upkeeping Copado Robotic Testing. Updates can be read from here.

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Contacts us or fill the contact form on the side. We would love to help you out.

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