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Privacy Policy

The privacy of your data is important to us

Effective May 2018

Qentinel Oy, including its affiliates (hereinafter referred to as “Qentinel”) is committed to complying with applicable data protection and other laws in its operations. This privacy policy (statement) describes our practices relating to processing personal data. “Personal data” refers to data that can be associated with a certain individual. This policy is applicable when Qentinel is the Registrar.

The primary grounds for processing personal data is a customer relationship or other applicable relationship or by agreement with the registered person.

Please direct possible questions about newsletters and their distribution to:

1. Register owner
Qentinel Oy
Bertel Jungin aukio 7
02600 Espoo
+358 75 7555 300

2. Registration
If you have problems or want to offer feedback about registration, please contact Ulla Rantanen: tel. +358 75 7555 300 .

3. Register name
Qentinel customer and marketing register.

4. Purpose of processing personal data
The purpose of personal data processing is maintaining and developing customer relations, contacting potential new customers, market research, advertising and/or direct marketing and directing marketing communications based on customer information using Qentinel channels and services.

5. Data content of the register
User information:
First and last name, contact information (email address and phone number), job title and operational and procurement responsibility, information about an individual’s marketing permissions and exclusions, areas of interest, company name, company contact information, company’s business sector.

6. The Register’s statutory sources of information
Personal data is primarily collected from registered persons on Qentinel websites, from participation in Qentinel events, training and trade fairs as well as via Qentinel sales activity. Personal data may also be collected via cookies or other similar technical means and may also be gathered and updated via public and commercial registers.

7. Statutory disclosure of information
There are no statutory disclosures of information.

8. Right to access and rectification
The data subject (registrant) has the right to review personal data relating to him or her that is saved in the register. Enquiries for the purpose of reviewing personal data should have the applicant’s signature and should be submitted in writing to the address provided in Section 1. If there are errors in the data stored in the register, the applicant can submit a request for rectification to the relevant individual named in Section 2 of this policy.

9. Erasure of information
Personal information may be erasured at the request of a customer or following termination of the customer relationship.

10. Data protection principles
All personal data is confidential. Our data register is protected from external access. Only persons whose work requires processing data in the register have access to it. Access to the register is protected by personal user names and passwords.

11. Storing data and keeping it up to date
Qentinel does not store your personal data longer than required for the intended purpose or as mandated by contract or law. We aspire to ensure that the personal data we store is accurate by removing unnecessary data and by ensuring updates when new information is available.

12. Right of refusal
The customer has the right to cancel orders of Qentinel newsletters at any time and to deny use of his or her data for direct mail advertising, distance sales and other forms of direct marketing.

13. Transfer of data outside the EU or EEA
The servers and other technical equipment used for data processing by the register owner may be owned and managed by external service providers. Depending on the service provider, the data is located in the EU in data warehouses owned by Qentinel service providers. They may also be located outside of the EU or EEA. Within the limits of Personal Data Protection law, information may be transferred to servers located outside of the EU or EEA for storage and processing on behalf of the register owner.

14. Cookies
Our website uses cookies to gather visitor statistics, monitoring the usage of the site, and displaying personalised content. Cookies are small text files that are saved on your browser when you visit different sites. We collect the following cookies:
Google Analytics cookies allow us to gather anonymous visitor data such as the number of unique visits and what search engine the visitors used to find our website.
HubSpot cookies allow us to gather visitor activity data from the visitors who have left their contact details in one of our forms, such as what webpages they have visited.

You can prevent cookies to be saved on your browser and delete them in your browser settings.

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