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Qentinel Pace is all-in-one platform for automated robotic software testing.

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Minimize maintenance effort and maximize testing speed with automation.

If you can write code, you can automate tests too. But how much do you want to do it? As a pro, you test your code carefully but if you could choose, would you rather write a new code to your customer or keep maintaining tests and all the infrastructure you need for running your tests.

Qentinel Pace is the next generation robotic software testing platform. It has superior capabilities in both end-to-end business process testing and software development:

  • As a cloud-based testing solution, it’s easy and quick to set up since the test infrastructure is readily built in, giving users a chance to start automating tests right away.
  • Easy and scalable way to view testing removes boring and mundane tasks from software development, letting testers and developers focus on important issues.
  • Built on open source: it offers the qualities users seek and constant development of Robot Framework, Selenium, Appium, Git and Jenkins.

With Qentinel Pace, you can utilize the full potential of automated software testing. Qentinel Pace is highly scalable, easily maintainable and extremely productive solution for testing and developing software. It doesn’t only accelerate your speed of innovation and go to market, but also provides you with a holistic view of your DevOps health and analytic predictions. Using AI and machine learning, you get cutting-edge analytics on the current and future quality of the whole software system. When test cases collect data and tests are planned in detail, you get great test coverage, easy maintenance in complex environments, and proper data to base decisions on.

Automate boring and mundane testing tasks.

This is principle is heavily utilized in our reusable and easy-to-read PaceWords. PaceWords enables you to write test cases with high readability, usability and robustness. You can use the same PaceWords to write test cases which can test mobiles, browsers or native operating system applications. The flow of a test case using PaceWords is strictly in line with work-flow of a tester’s actions, freeing you from maintaining a separate documentation. PaceWords using computer vision alongside other technologies keeps the test automation robust against minor changes in the interface.


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In Qentinel Pace, test robots are dynamically born in the cloud, scale with need, execute efficiently, and then disappear. You don’t need to worry about procuring and maintaining test hardware. You can practically effectively spin up numerous PaceRobots in seconds, which in turn are spinning numerous parallel test executions across different platforms at the same time; infinite parallel execution capacity.


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Highly scaleable, extremely productive.

An open, extensible automation platform puts the power of test automation into the hands of non-tech business testers while still giving all the fine-grained control to those who know how to code. With a shared execution platform and test history, it’s easy to collaborate and share both tests and their results. When somebody finds a bug, you’ll know exactly how they found it, you can reproduce and debug it. Also, those who don’t code or test get the info they need: visual test statistics report the progress in a way best suited for each role

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