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Copado Robotic Testing list of features

Copado Robotic Testing (previously Qentinel Pace) is a cloud-based automation and analytics product provided as software as a service (SaaS) by Qentinel. It is a cross-platform automation product that can be used by customers to automate testing or tasks for applications running on the web, mobile and native desktop operating systems. The advanced analytics platform known as Quality Intelligence® provides our customers with rich visualization and deep insights into their software quality.

Being a SaaS product, Copado Robotic Testing is accessed over a browser by navigating to the URL The authentication to the service happens either by the customer’s Azure AD or Copado Robotic Testing specific credentials.

There are two possible ways to deploy Copado Robotic Testing depending on the end customer’s needs: cloud and on-premises options. To find out more about Copado Robotic Testing options and usage, go to our help documentation.


Below is a non-exhaustive list of features offered by Copado Robotic Testing:


Hyper-scalable cloud test infrastructure

Hassle free, in-built, and ready to be deployed cloud infrastructure. Customers do not need to worry about setting up and maintaining their test environment infrastructure.

Cross-platform automation

Automate any application running on the web, mobile or native desktop operating system. With extensions, one can even test hardware in the loop, android automotive, AUTOSAR standards etc.

End-to-end testing

Application agnostic automation platform. Automation can be done over any application and even across applications.


Low code yet very robust automation libraries. PaceWords provide users with a very easy and uniform way to create automation tasks/tests across different platforms.

PaceEditor for intelligent test development

In-built editor for test case development. The editor is loaded with tons of features to make test development highly efficient.


Live testing environment for test development, exploratory testing and/or manual testing.


Recording of manual actions on the application under test into automation scripts. This feature is primarily targeted at business users or subject matter experts to enable them to automate.

Central results’ warehouse

All the results, logs, detailed reports, historical data, etc. are centrally stored in Qentinel Pace and are available to you from anywhere in the world.

Collaborative testing platform

Anyone from anywhere in the world with the right set of permissions can access Copado Robotic Testing and collaborate on the platform. The assets once created are shareable among the team.

Cloud and on-premises deployment options

There are two deployment options catering to the end customer’s needs: cloud and on-premises. Both the options are so designed that the user experience is seamless and uniform.

Rich Visualization

Quality Intelligence® platform visualizes the results, trends, etc. in rich ways. These dashboards are highly customizable best catering to the customer’s requirements.

Advanced analytics

Not only does Quality Intelligence® provide you with rich visualization it also provides the user with meaningful insights into their automation results and the quality of their product at large.

Integration with any CI/CD server

Plug Copado Robotic Testing robots in any CI/CD pipeline. Via APIs, you can trigger robot execution from your CI/CD pipelines.

Integration with major version control systems

Copado Robotic Testing enforces best practices in software development. Your tests or automation tasks are safely stored and version controlled in one of the most used version control systems: Gitlab, Github and Bitbucket.

Parallel execution

Dynamic scaling is one of the key value proposition of Copado Robotic Testing. You can execute as many robots in parallel as you need to and exponentially decrease your feedback time.


There are multiple ways of triggering a robot run, run as a part of a CI/CD process, manual trigger and scheduling. Scheduling, as the name suggests allows you to trigger a run at a certain schedule.

Video recording and live streaming

Videos can be recorded of robots executing an automation task. The execution can be live-streamed too. Recorded videos are excellent assets for debugging purposes.

Email and slack notifications

Robots can be configured to send emails or slack notifications out for various criteria e.g. when the results are ready.

Open APIs for integrations

Designed on open APIs facilitate quicker integration with other tools.

Pull services

Quality Intelligence® platform leverages pull services to fetch data from other products to Copado Robotic Testing. By default, we provide pull services for the most commonly used tools.

Access to the latest product version

Our customers enjoy continuous access to the latest version of the product. With every update, the latest version becomes automatically available to all our customers.

Salesforce certified

Qentinel Pace has undergone a rigorous security approval process by Salesforce. As a result, Salesforce trusts Copado Robotic Testing  and is thus available in their AppExchange.

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