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Qentinel Pace Partner Program

A Truly Global Partner Ecosystem Changing the World of Testing

Qentinel Pace is targeted for corporations whose business depends on the quality of software. Typically such organizations have been through or will be going through first stages of DevOps adoption. Characteristics of the software environment in such organizations include 1) growing number of internal and external integrations and dependencies; 2) accelerated release cycles; and 3) mixed use of own resources, hired consultants, systems integrators, and commercial-off-the-shelf software. It is also typical in these organizations that the borderline of “software development” and “IT operations” is gradually fading.

Such evolution of the software environment creates testing bottle-neck never seen before. While agile software teams have learned to test their code at unit level thus reducing the traditional testing efforts the growing complexity of integrations have raised the testing challenge to the business process level forcing organizations to test continuously not only when their software is changed but whenever anything they depend on get changed.

Qentinel Pace aims at resolving the problems of the testing bottle-neck through three specific value propositions:

  1. Efficiency of test authoring and test maintenance
  2. Scalability, both in terms of capacity and in terms of the organizational capabilities
  3. The business model of Qentinel Pace is Software as a Service and the primary pricing parameter is the consumption of test execution capacity.

Technically Qentinel Pace test automation platform which is also capable of robotic process automation (RPA).

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Why to become Qentinel Pace Partner?

  • Grow your revenue and scale your business
    Qentinel Pace is a platform that enables you to sell competitive test automation service to your customer and leverage the platform to grow your continuous business.
  • Expand your offering and competitiveness
    Offer your customers a next generation, hyper-scalable AI powered cloud based robotic software testing platform. Augment it with your unique professional services.
  • Onboarding support
    We provide you with a range of learning and marketing content, trainings and support necessary to sell and deliver successfully the Qentinel Pace robotic software testing platform for your customers.

Find out more about Qentinel Pace and new way to do testing.

Value for partner

  • We help you to expand your business and opportunities with the leading robotic software testing platform provider:
    Marketing and sales materials: Gain access to the marketing presentations, demos and educational material you need from Qentinel Partner site.
  • Training program:
    We provide both live and on-demand trainings to our partners through Qentinel Pace Academy.
  • Demo software:
    Access to demo videos and product demos presented either by you or by our product specialists.
  • Pre-sales product specialist support:
    We can help you stay engaged with your prospect. We also have a robust marketing automation program for e-mailing and lead nurturing that tracks activity and interest.
  • Lead sharing:
    We provide qualified leads generated through our marketing efforts and initiatives.

How does it work?

Qentinel has different partnership levels for marketing, selling, deploying and supporting Qentinel Pace. The more you help us grow the more we reward you. Here’s a deeper dive into how to become part of a truly global partner ecosystem changing the world of testing.

Partner Program Introduction

Qentinel Pace Partnership levels:


How to get started?

  • How to become a partner?

    Please contact us on Copado’s webpage to start engagement!

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  • How to get sales on board?

    We will provide you with free training sessions and access to marketing and sales materials and demos through Qentinel Partner site.

  • How to become a certified Qentinel Pace professional?

    We provide you with relevant online technical trainings, materials and certification through Qentinel Pace Academy.

Partner Resources

As our partner, we provide you with an onboarding with certification programs for your personnel as an opportunity to improve your success rate.


Qentinel Pace Academy

  • Qentinel Pace training courses and videos for sales trainings (online) on how to sell the product.
  • Qentinel Pace Foundation and Advanced training courses and videos for implementation certification (online) on how to deliver, train and use the product.
  • Online certification tests on Qentinel Pace Academy.

Marketing and sales material for partners

  • Marketing and sales materials in pdf format with Partner logos.
  • Qentinel Pace sales and product demos and videos.

Find exclusive Partner materials by loging in and checking up our materials.

Explore our Partners

We collaborate with both technology and consulting partners to provide our customers with the best possible solutions for software testing needs. Together we can create a value-proposition that makes it possible for our customers to efficiently achieve their objectives.


Example packaging of professional service that can utilize Qentinel Pace:


DIY Qentinel Pace: Support for utilizing & using Qentinel Pace


Livealong Qentinel Pace: support for automating End-to-end business processes testing


Sprint-based Qentinel Pace automation & installation work

For customers who automate tests themselves.


  • Service can be an advisory and support service for creating test cases and resolving technical problems.
  • You can provide customer-specific support email. You can provide this service with promise to start processing of requests within one hour of receipt. In difficult cases, an estimate of the amount of work, duration and costs in service units can be provided as soon as possible, but no later than two hours after receipt of the request.

Pricing suggestion:

Monthly price + service ticket priced service or agreed number of service tickets e.g. 10-25/month/package.

Designed for customers who develop Qentine Pace test cases themselves, but who have more complex systems or processes to test.


  • The Qentinel Pace specialist will be at the customer’s premises at the agreed times at the agreed frequency. Experts are available for example to create more challenging test cases.
  • It can be agreed that the customer sends information about cases to be automated in advance for preparation.
  • An expert can also provide support for policy development and product use in general.

Pricing suggestion:

The price of the service can be based on needed effort on week level or month level:

  • 1-3 person-days / week
  • 1-5 person-days / month

Intended for streamlining the start-up phase of new projects or for customers looking to buy automation work as a service.


The test automation deployment project or test automation work is done in a two-week sprint according to a plan / spec developed with the customer. The results of every sprint will be presented at the sprint demo at the end of the sprint. Installation work is usually carried out on the customer’s premises. The typical contents of sprints are as follows:

  • Sprint Design – Process Description and Test Run Planning / Installation Planning
  • Test case design and automation according to process description / Implementation of different steps of installation according to plan
  • Dailies if needed / agreed
  • Sprint demo at the end of the sprint
  • Retro – What went well, what can be improved, what we learn?

Pricing suggestion:

Sprint-based automation / installation / development – € / two-week sprint

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