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Qentinel Pace

A Better Way to Test Software

Qentinel Pace is a next generation AI powered cloud based robotic software testing platform.

On one hand, it revolutionizes your software development by curbing typical quality assurance bottlenecks: slow feedback cycles, high maintenance costs, poor scalability and zero to minimal intelligence. And on the other hand, Qentinel Pace ensures the success of your business by assuring the quality of your business critical E2E processes, in the ever growing ecosystem.

With Qentinel Pace, you can utilize the full potential of robotic software testing, which is the future of test automation.  A highly scalable, easily maintainable and extremely productive solution, which not only accelerates your speed of innovation and go to market,  but also provides you with a holistic view of your DevOps health and analytic predictions. You get good test coverage and easy maintenance in complex environments.


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Qentinel Pace features

  • Cross- browser testing
  • Mobile device testing
  • Mobile testing in device farms
  • Desktop application testing
  • API testing
  • Scalable cloud platform
  • Robots can keep secrets: Secure Password management
  • Cross-platform PaceWords
  • Ease of deployment from cloud
  • On premise deployments: Take robots in your network
  • Test automation as SaaS: Always ready and up to date
  • Keyword testing
  • Data driven testing
  • Test case Recording
  • Local development and in-cloud development
  • PaceEditor: Machine learning editor
  • Test step prediction
  • Advanced test case analytics
  • Robust and self-healing test cases
  • Highly accurate computer vision
  • Live testing: Automated & manual
  • Exploratory testing
  • Regression testing
  • End-to-end testing
  • Run scheduling
  • Results database
  • Live streaming and recorded videos
  • Open APIs
  • Quality Intelligence for DevOps
  • Model Based testing with Conformiq
  • Unlimited Projects and projects access management

Detailed dive into Qentinel Pace

Here is a hands-on guide which shows you how to use Qentinel Pace and how to create test cases with PaceWords.

How to use Qentinel Pace

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