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Quality Intelligence

Make well informed decisions with Quality Intelligence

What is Quality Intelligence?

Quality Intelligence is measured, actionable information about quality. It was created for understanding the value creation of digital services as well as the processes creating and operating them.

Quality Intelligence is Qentinel’s proprietary modelling and analytics method. With Quality Intelligence, you can manage and predict the quality of software and digital services. The quality measurement and reporting technology implemented by Qentinel Pace robotic software testing platform is based on the unique quality methodology of Quality Intelligence.


Quality is multi-dimensional


Value Creation Model ties the dimensions together


Measurement must to be agile

Quality is much more than just absence of defects. As long as we have complex, systemic problems, we need more than one measurable perspective on quality.

The qualities of Benefit, Feeling, Doing, and Function together create the ability to create value.

To control or improve quality – or performance in general – one needs to find the right levers to turn. When dealing with complex systems and processes this is rarely straightforward. Value Creation Model helps to visualize and understand how all those different things that contribute to quality and value creation come together.

Traditional quality control is based on adjusting performance parameters of a closed system within pre-defined bounds. This approach may not work with complex systems and processes that interact with their environment in various ways. Measurement is as much about learning and understanding as it is about control. Quality Intelligence® makes performance measurement agile, helping you find the right metrics and KPIs in changing circumstances and helping you make wise decisions at the right time. Once the unknown is not unknown anymore its metrics may be used to control or predict its behaviour.

Our purpose is to make the connection of quality and value creation explicit, make it measurable, transparent, and actionable, and help people make better decisions with the information we create.

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