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QWeb Open Source

Making web automation rapid, robust, and fun

What is QWeb?

QWeb is a website automation interface, which makes web automation extremely simple yet robust and fun. It has been developed by test automation experts for test automation engineers around the central themes of low maintenance and highly readable automation. For many a large organization, QWeb has been the key to their successful automation.

How does QWeb tie to PaceWords and Robot Framework?

It is a Robot Framework web automation library. It is a key piece in the platform-agnostic PaceWords technology, making QWeb also a critical part of Qentinel Pace. Its very simple yet extremely powerful keywords are everyone’s favourite.

QWeb frees automation engineers from struggling with xpaths, and automation scripts from unnecessary and unreliable sleeps. Very importantly QWeb is immune to the changes in the application’s user interface, dramatically reducing your script’s maintenance needs.


QWeb GitHub

What sets QWeb library apart from other automation?

Avoid xpaths

No need to juggle with xpaths. Interact with what you see on the screen.

No sleeps

No need to add inefficient sleeps. QWeb keywords have an in-built mechanism to handle latency.


Multiple similar texts on the screen? No worries. Anchor the targeted element by anchoring it to the nearest distinct element.

Extremely low-maintenace

Immune to UI changes with superior location strategies. Keep test maintenance at all time low.

QWeb stories from developers

Building open source automation library

Antti Heimola has been involved in QWeb library development since the beginning. Heimola shares his insights about open source software, QWeb, and how he sees the future of software testing.

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Solving problems with QWeb

Tuomas Koukkari is an expert in test automation. Here he explains how he was first introduced to software testing and open source software. Koukkari shares his thoughts on QWeb and its benefits.

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Check out our QWeb learning material and get to know the main features of QWeb. In the material we cover topics such as interacting with browser, table keywords, documentation & debugging, settings & configuration, and much more.

QWeb Learning

QWeb was originally created during a project for Finnish Tax Administration. Read the story about open source fuelling taxation.

”Qentinel offers a solution that is suitable for a system landscape that experiences continuous and extensive development. What was especially important to us was the flexibility and easy maintenance that are crucial when it comes to taxation systems.”

-Jarkko Levasma, Chief Development and Information Officer at the Finnish Tax Administration

Finnish Tax Administration

Why use Qweb test automation?


Developed by passionate test automation experts for the world. Get involved and share our love of open-source.

Application independent

Technology and application independent. Automate any web application rapidly and robustly.

Organizations trust QWeb

More than 1 000 000 tests are keeping the organisations happy. And their customers, delighted.

QWeb test automation FAQ

What is QWeb?

QWeb is an open-source Robot Framework web test automation library. It is free for you to use in your projects to create the most efficient and maintainable test automation.

Do I have to pay for using QWeb?

No, it is open-source and you do not need to pay anything for it.

Where was QWeb created and why?

QWeb was created at Qentinel by Qentinelians. And Qentinel is committed to supporting the development of QWeb. Qentinelians were not satisifed with the detection capabilities and stability of the Robot framework’s Selenium2Library. Also, we strongly believe in keyword-driven testing. Thus QWeb was created as a part of PaceWords philiosphy, an extremely robust and stable keyword-driven test automation library for web application automation.

Do companies use QWeb?

Yes, a lot companies have built their test automation using QWeb: Metso Outotect, Finnish Tax Administration (Vero), Ponsse, Elisa to name a few.

Can I contribute to QWeb’s development and how?

Yes, you are most welcome to contribute to QWeb development and become part of the ever-growing community.

I found a bug in QWeb what should I do?

Excellent, let’s improve QWeb. You could raise a bug report or make a fix and create a pull request. Here more instructions on joining the QWeb community.

What is Qentinel Pace and how is QWeb related to it?

Qentinel Pace is a cloud based hyper-automation solution available as a SaaS product. Qentinel Pace, beside many other things, is the most efficient platform for running robot framework tests and tests created using QWeb. Did you know that QWeb is continuously tested on Qentinel Pace?

Can I try out Qentinel Pace?

We love open-source and as a gesture of giving back to the community, we offer a free perpetual plan for anyone from anywhere in the world. You can sign up and start automating right now!


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