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Robotic software testing for higher yield and better sleep

Qentinel Pace™ – the most productive testing solution for your end-to-end business processes

Because of superior productivity: with minimal contribution you get good test coverage and easy maintenance in complex environments. Our largest customer has 18 000 automated tests with 700 000 test steps. These automated tests are executed 500 hours every single day. Sounds heavy, but is actually simple.

  • Tests have been automated by using Qentinel Pacewords™ methodology that allows 20 key words to cover 80% of the test steps.
  • Compared to some other open source and recording based test automation frameworks, maintaining tests with Qentinel Pacewords takes less than 15% compared to your average 75% of effort spent on maintenance.

Efficiency through superior test design


Scalable test automation – in various dimensions


Predictability through actionable quality metrics – Quality Intelligence®

Qentinel Pace superior test design concept follows the line of thought of a human being and therefore enables non-programmes to develop tests. Same test can run across different web browsers, mobile and native applications. With the help of machine vision you can automate native desktop applications, such as SAP, as well as web or mobile applications.

  • Best balance of ease of use, power of expression, and cost of maintenance
  • Effective handling of large number of tests
  • Ability to edit, run and debug tests in the cloud

It takes only few seconds to create a robot with Qentinel Pace and you are all set to run your first automatic test case. Qentinel Pace makes you free from worrying about test infrastructure procurement, deployment and maintenance so you can focus on more productive tasks. You can execute infinite number of test suites in parallel 24/7.

Qentinel Pace scales to the needs of large software systems and organizations:

  • Ready to run test infrastructure
  • Scales across platforms, test types and capacity. Test different target systems and platforms – also mobile testing
  • Fits for all kinds of testing needs from development to deployment. Productive solution across the organization and teams
  • Easy to utilize existing test cases developed for other frameworks
  • Volume-based monthly subscription

The scalability comes with performance, productivity and maintainability.

Quality Intelligence® is measured, actionable information about quality. It provides the modelling and analytics functionality and technology included in Qentinel Pace.

Quality Intelligence helps you measure and figure out what may be hindering you right now and what you can do to improve your performance. You get significant “no-nonsense” insights on how your DevOps pipeline is performing and it helps you to find the right levers to pull to prevent production incidents. Qentinel Pace provides you holistic view of your product and process quality:

  • Fast and precise feedback
  • Business-based KPIs
  • Predicted release completion, quality and cost
  • Visibility in software and integration quality

What is Qentinel Pace?

Qentinel Pace is a cloud based robotic software testing platform. It enables you to utilize the full potential of test automation, while providing you with a holistic view of your product and process quality with deeper insights.

We fulfilled our basic remit, which was to get some process documentation and process discipline. I’m pleased with our first project with Qentinel and I look forward to hopefully doing more with them.

Kevin Glynn, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, DSC Logistics

“You can’t release diving instruments without quality assurance. Faulty diving equipment can cost lives, so proper testing is vital.”

Jarmo Rautiainen, Technical Project Manager Cloud Services, Suunto

“The customers for their part are involved in the innovation process as we bring new solutions to market. In this process, test automation plays a significant role.”

Pekka Yli-Paunu, Vice President, R&D Automation, Kalmar

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