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Copado Robotic Testing test automation for Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the most powerful platforms for application development, which empowers businesses to develop applications and integrate with the main at a rapid pace. Innovation is one of the key core values of Salesforce. But with rapid innovation comes the need for scalable testing. There is no way you can keep up with rapid deployment cycles without salesforce test automation.

Salesforce is often at the core of business processes, connecting with various business apps or even at the center of business app ecosystems. There are three main factors that make Salesforce test automation not only a nice thing to have but a true necessity:

  • Salesforce instances alone are highly customizable and dynamic. And it’s exactly this dynamic that makes it difficult to write and more importantly maintain test cases.
  • Even within one Salesforce environment, there can be several interdependencies that might break but find the cause and effect of which update is the root cause of which error can only be done with proper regression testing in salesforce.
  • Salesforce does not operate in isolation. It integrates with various business apps, each of these with its own deployment cycles. Creating a house of cards with interdependencies that no human can (or should) test.

There is 5 times more demand of app developers than there are developers. Salesforce’s platform addresses that gap by enabling businesses to develop declaratively. But how about testing it? Five times more development demand means 10-15 times need for testing. Copado Robotic Testing is there to address that gap. It is cloud based robotic software testing solution designed specifically to boost your innovation and it follows the same vision as Salesforce: test automation, directly wherever you need it in the cloud. Match your development on the powerful Salesforce platform with a hyper-scalable and super-efficient test solution.

Copado Robotic Testing can test classic and Lightning UI not to mention custom components and workflows. With Copado Robotic Testing you can test your Salesforce ecosystem across web and mobile platforms. Should your end-to-end processes run throughout various applications within Salesforce or outside of it, Copado Robotic Testing can test it. Take a step further with Copado Robotic Testing, automate, scale, automate more but don’t stop there leverage on the data around software development to understand quality of your Salesforce ecosystem and predict it. Powered by AI, know the right levers which are stopping you to become successful and take pre-emptive actions.

We stand for unleashing the pace at which your business innovates.

New power to your Salesforce

This is how to make sure your ever-growing Salesforce ecosystem runs smoothly. The amount of apps and their independent updates will only increase in the coming years. Your whole business relies on that ecosystem but its seamless operation is left on your shoulders alone. Let us take care of the quality of those processes for you.

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Run and create automated tests easily with Copado Robotic Testing’s clear user interface and simple PaceWords. Managing quality has never been easier.

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