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End-to-End business process testing for SAP

Are you ready to go through thousands of ERP related version updates per year?

In future, the amount of systems in the cloud will increase and so will the software updates. This makes regression testing important since core processes have to work.

Every day something you depend on gets changed somewhere. It is quite normal for a larger corporation to go through as many as 5,000 version updates per year. Some of them are highly critical, some may carry a lesser risk.

To keep up with the progress and to ensure business process end-to-end quality, Qentinel Pace – robotic software testing for SAP is the best solution.

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“Now that we have been able to utilize the new ERP, we have seen its benefits through increased productivity and customer satisfaction. Investing in quality has given us a good position in the field of property maintenance. We can offer our clients valuable real-time data and preventive maintenance.”

Antti Niitynpää, Business Director, Lassila & Tikanoja

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