Qentinel Focus – Success in Executing Strategic Change

A strategy alone is not a competitive edge. The execution is.

Making something new happen in business often requires fundamental changes in business operations and in how people think about their work. Making such change happen sustainably is very difficult without proper change leadership that builds on transparency of progress.

Qentinel Focus provides the means for strategic leaders and PMOs to validate the logical consistency of a business strategy and make its implementation and execution measurable. Leaders can compile and integrate the information from portfolio metrics, as those metrics are sufficiently specific from the perspective of initiatives and not commensurable from the perspective of the PMO.

Implementing strategy then becomes a living, agile and measurable effort. The essential benefits and success factors of the desired strategic change will be clear.

Qentinel Focus is about successful execution of a strategic change. When you have brilliant strategy, you should also execute it successfully.

 Qentinel Focus

  • Validate the logical consistency of the strategy
  • Make strategy measurable
  • Improve the yield of the initiative or investment portfolio
  • Measure the benefit realization of the portfolio