Qentinel Goal – Maximize and Assure the Return on Digitalization Investment

Information systems are in the core of a business and deeply integrated into all business operations, even at the customer interface. Systems are not isolated, but part of  – nowadays often external – information systems and ecosystems. Recognizing and addressing all dependencies will increase business value.

Businesses are spending ever-increasing sums on information systems. Do you know whether your investments are delivering their intended business benefits? Are your business cases solid?

The business case of any digitalization investment must be built on comprehensive modeling of value creation so that the business case can be understood as a whole.

Qentinel Goal

  • Value creation modeling for business benefits
  • Business Case preparation and continuous verification
  • Supply of technology selections and negotiations
  • Project scoping, planning, and organization
  • Project control
  • Acceptance testing
  • Continuous Quality Intelligence: KPI based transparency to progress