Customer Experience Leadership and Business Value

When you chase a perfect balance between enhancing customer experience and creating business value in a multi-channel environment and ecosystems you need Qentinel Touch. Qentinel Touch helps you see the big picture to develop and improve your customer experience strategy.

Don’t get drowned in a flood of data – filter the most strategic information with Qentinel Touch to ensure a holistic view of customer experience.

Create common understanding with Qentinel Touch

Benchmark maturity and create a common understanding of customer experience value drivers and NPS (Net Promoter Score) correlation. Set meaningful metrics aligned with business goals with the Qentinel Value Creation Model.

Make business value transparent and actionable

Focus and prioritize development initiatives, make customer and business value transparent and actionable with Qentinel Quality Intelligence.

Improve customer experience and innovate systematically 

Improve and innovate customer experience systematically based on data analytics. Learn from and benchmark your progress and build a customer value -driven company culture. Be holistic but focused in your approach.

You need Qentinel Touch in multi-channel environments and ecosystems

  • When end-to-end customer experience is suffering from siloed organizations
  • When common understanding is missing about how individual contributions impact on customer experience and business goals
  • If you have difficulties driving customer driven- cultural change and employee engagement