Improve time-to-market while strengthening quality

Qentinel Pace is a cloud-based product that improves time-to-market by cutting up to 90 % of QA lead times. Qentinel Pace improves quality and speed while optimizing business value in product development.

Get started with Qentinel Pace

As part of Qentinel’s software testing ecosystem you’ll find how to improve your time-to-market by cutting up to 90 % of software QA lead times. Start here!

Find focus and logic 

Define your QA strategy to optimize the value created by improved time-to-market. Qentinel Pace puts all your development data into business perspective by connecting software metrics, product metrics and business metrics. All measuring in Qentinel Pace is based a proprietary cause-and-effect modeling tool, the Qentinel Value Creation Model.

Reliable test results 

Efficient test environments and test data management ensure that your test lab is in order and test results are reliable. Qentinel Pace Quality Automation is based on keyword-based automation, scalable test execution and test data management, integrated in a DevOps pipeline.

Qentinel Pace utilizes Delphix tools and is the one and only Delphix partner in Finland. The Delphix tool virtualizes data using patented block sharing technology so that we can have test material at our disposal in minutes instead of weeks. Several test environments can use copies of the same test material without mixing up test data.

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Automated execution

Better test coverage and continuous execution are achieved with clever test automation. With Qentinel Pace you can free testing resources for manual exploratory testing. It therefore makes sense to measure the amount of test automation, manual test effort, and testing lead times.

Increased productivity

Faster feedback for developers ensures efficiency in fixing-testing cycles. In our cloud, we can create tens of thousands of automated test cases, APIs and UIs, test data, and others.  It is all automated and is managed via only one view. The Qentinel Pace test execution system is fully virtualized. You can even start tests and view the results on a mobile device.

Transparent reporting

Accelerate the speed of your operative functions with transparent reporting for all your teams. All test results, progress reports and statistics are reported in real-time. Qentinel Pace lets you to make fact-based decisions and follow their impact.

Lead with facts

Enable fact-based management and effective decision-making using Qentinel Quality Intelligence. Quality Intelligence makes digital quality measurable, transparent, and actionable. The Qentinel Pace Quality Index is a KPI used mostly by top management. For more specialized roles, there is more specialized data. It is aggregated from all the data gathered based on metrics set by our value creation model.  The analytics function in Qentinel Pace enables fact-based management and effective decision-making.

You need Qentinel Pace for large complex systems when 

  • Quality is not improving fast enough
  • Your release cycle needs acceleration
  • The amount of regression testing is growing
  • Current test automation does not scale
  • Tests are expensive to maintain
  • Off-shore outsourcing has not delivered adequate results

Qentinel Value Creation Model for Pace