Robotic software testing for higher speed and better sleep

Qentinel Pace™ increases testing volumes by 1500% with no extra effort

Qentinel Pace helps you to focus QA on what matters the most. Qentinel Pace improves your time-to-market by cutting software QA lead times by up to 90%, reduces manual retesting as much as 80% and provides continuous quality-related metrics.

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Make software development and testing transparent

Improve quality and speed in software product development and usage while optimizing business value. Ensure software integrations work and always maintain quality. Qentinel Pace, a cloud-based robotic software testing solution, does it all for you.

See how Qentinel Pace accelerates production and reduces manual work related to testing. Use right metrics and shorten feedback cycles to integrate product quality with your business goals in real-time.

Create and manage your QA strategy using the Qentinel Value Creation Model™ by Qentinel Pace.

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The next level of test automation is Robotic Software Testing with Qentinel Pace

Accelerate and automate software testing

Ponsse, the leading manufacturer of forest machines for the cut-to-length method, joined the Testomat project to improve its test automation. Ponsse software products consist of over 5 million lines of code. Currently too much of the testing is done manually, which is an obstacle for a smooth software delivery process. Qentinel Pace provides a cloud based robotic software testing solution for Ponsse to meet their needs.

Robotic software testing success stories

A new era of software testing brings together the best QA methods, a cloud service that exceeds your expectations, the brightest brains in quality assurance and DevOps plus the strongest team to support your success. Join the movement!

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