Test automation offers exact information for decision-making

Kalmar is the pioneer within its field of terminal automation and energy-efficient container handling. With the assistance of Qentinel, Kalmar has taken test automation solutions into use. As they move forward with the digitalization of their services and build new service concepts, they need the metrics data generated by the test tools at all times. The significance of Qentinel’s test automation services in support of Kalmar’s business is that the test automation reports offer timely information to decision-making.

The transportation of containers within harbours is monotonous work. Human labour is best used for controlling the operation of entire fully automated machineries and to handle exceptional situations from the control room, while robots do the actual transporting of the containers in the harbour. In the future an increasing number of terminals will use fully automated container handling machines. As the market expands, product development plays a significant role in the success of Kalmar.

Agile development requires decentralized decision-making

Taking test automation into use was also connected with the thought of improving working methods in Kalmar’s international organization. Because their product development operates in various locations around the world, correct and timely information has helped with their unified processes and practices, which have made project and quality management easier. Quality control can provide useful reports and transparency for the progress of the projects. Thanks to the tools and reports, project management has been able to provide clear metrics for the steering group in support of their decision-making.

An efficient way of following the production of software and the progress of Quality Assurance is essential for large automation projects. This is why all information must be readily accessible and clear.

Kalmar, part of Cargotec Group, provides cargo handling solutions and services to ports, terminals, distribution centres and heavy industry. Kalmar are the industry forerunner in terminal automation and energy-efficient container handling, with one in four container movesaround the globe being handled by a Kalmar solution.