Exceeding client expectation – three mobile applications instead of one

Futurice offers its customers various digital services covering consultancy, design, software development and maintenance through its offices in Finland, Germany and Great Britain. It is important for Futurice that the solutions it develops have top-class usability. This requires sound quality assurance.

Reinforcing quality assurance processes

When a new project was launched at the Berlin office, Futurice needed to reinforce its quality assurance processes. The one-year mobile development project started from scratch and its goal was to produce one application for Futurice’s client.

The final result however exceeded all the client’s expectations when the skilled Futurice team together with Qentinel provided the client with – not one – but three versions of the application.

Futurice emphasised the client’s high criteria on quality and request to have a product development team which combines testing expertise with experience in projects alike.

The project involved developers from the client, Futurice, and Qentinel, from Finland and Germany. The group was a mix of multiple expertise and talent, and ultimately worked as a unified team. A successful outcome is like a product, which comprises of everyone’s input in all the different phases of the process.

Futurice is a European digital service company which is focused on creative problem-solving and building successful digital services together with its customers. Futurice has been awarded as the greatest place to work in Europe several times.