Cut market launch times with quality assurance

Handelsbanken conducted a system project in which they changed their card brand and resumed in-house card administration instead of outsourcing the function. Qentinel served as Testing Manager for Handelsbanken and offered steering group management and a Quality Manager.

Working with Qentinel, Handelsbanken learned how important it is to pay attention to quality assurance and testing throughout the project.

Projects implemented with Qentinel helped Handelsbanken business units to identify the benefits of quality assurance in cutting market launch times, keeping costs in control, and ensuring the end-user experience’s impeccable quality.

The project especially increased the importance to incorporate quality assurance into IT projects from the very beginning of the project. It used to be hard to justify the financial outlays for quality assurance and testing.

In the future even more electronic and mobile services need to be provided and released fast. Handelsbanken has already moved on from the era of megaprojects and focused now on shorter project modules with built in quality assurance.

Handelsbanken is a full-service bank with a nationwide branch network in Sweden, the UK, Denmark, Finland, Norway and the Netherlands. Handelsbanken has nearly 12,000 employees working in a total of 25 countries.