How to put customer experience into perspective!

Due to the even faster than expected digitalization of the mass media market, Sanoma Media Finland ended up having a problem with the overall understanding of the digital quality of their online news services, Helsingin Sanomat. The problem was serious since the targets they had were demanding: improve quality and activate online customers.

Sanoma Media Finland were not able to put their customer feedback into perspective. If Helsingin Sanomat received three emails or calls from their customers regarding the day’s online news, they couldn’t tell how large of a problem it was: did it bother 3,000 or only the three people who had contacted newspaper.

Customer feedback collection was all fragmented and scattered in different departments. Helsingin Sanomat didn’t measure the read time of online services systematically, but they only followed the uptime and the Net Quality Score (NQS).

Daily tool in operations and decision-making

Qentinel’s Value Creation Model™ is a proprietary method for determining the factors affecting business goals, e.g. how customer experience affects the turnover, and what in turn affects the customer experience.

The information Sanoma Media Finland gained from the Value Creation Model™ gave them an overall understanding of the digital quality of their services. Moreover, news editors were able to fine-tune the content based on the NQS, and they could differentiate which development needs are related to technical quality and which ones to content quality. Using Qentinel Value Creation Model™, Sanoma Media Finland was able to prioritise the some 30 different elements affecting their digital services.

Sanoma Media Finland uses Qentinel Analytics dashboard to follow KPI‘s and other quality indicators to demonstrate the top management how resources were needed to focus on technical quality before starting new development projects. The top management, including sales and technical directors and the chief editors, also use the dashboard daily themselves.

Sanoma Media Finland learnt from Qentinel that developing and improving quality is all about systematic persistence. Working in partnership with Qentinel has helped to raise the digital quality to the level it belongs to in Sanoma Media Finland. Digital quality became a topic in Sanoma Media Finland’s aisle conversations and coffee breaks.

Sanoma Media Finland operates in more channels than any other Finnish media house. The company is known for its leading brands. Sanoma delivers information, experiences and entertainment through newspaper and magazine, television, radio, online and mobile services reaching almost everyone in Finland on a daily basis. Sanoma Media Finland is part of the Sanoma Group, a European pioneer in consumer media and learning services.