In pharma industry ecosystem, most clinical trials are delayed due to patient recruitment

Qentinel’s Value Creation Model™ helped Orion Pharma to identify improvement points in the partner ecosystem

Within the pharma industry, clinical trials are globally delayed due to patient recruitment. With very high track record, recruitment being one very critical part of drug development. This causes budget exceeding to the pharmaceutical companies, but more importantly, the delays can be harmful to the patients waiting for the new drug.

How to improve the predictability of clinical trials?

Each clinical trial includes several vendors and collaborators, and the budget varies between 10–20 million euros. Therefore Orion Pharma wanted to increase the predictability of its clinical trials. Clinical trials are conducted with an operative network of collaborators and their management can be demanding. Furthermore Orion Pharma recognized that it had not managed this ecosystem as actively as it should to receive proactively information about possible delays. Orion Pharma finds it very important to hear from different collaborators as early as possible if the trial was heading to the wrong direction, what kind of risks were involved, and to consider the corrective measures they should take. Overall, the network management and communication was rather reactive when it should have been more proactive.

Visualizing the pharma industry ecosystem with Value Creation Model™

Qentinel’s Value Creation Model™ helped Orion Pharma to describe and visualize the entire pharma industry ecosystem and identify the inter-dependencies. The Value Creation Model™ helped Orion Pharma to identify intervention points in which we can proactively take concrete actions to steer the trial into the right direction. Furthermore, the model also visualized the big picture and the different types of connections in it, which we had not realized before. It enables mutually beneficial discussions between the different parties in the ecosystem.

Orion has used the Value Creation Model™ as a part of larger Lean-project.  Consequently the model allows development of the  metrix, which they had longed for to complement their recently launched Lean-project. Model offers an opportunity to think about real-time measuring.

Orion Pharma sees Qentinel as a pioneer with the Value Creation Model™.

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