Systematic quality development increases customers’ confidence

Digital commerce expert Solteq was keen to develop project operations to better respond to their customers’ omnichannel commerce needs. Digitalization has brought new challenges both for Solteq and its customers. Customers had become increasingly well informed and expected Solteq to have digital business expertise, not just to provide system delivery. Solteq needed an approach that was more consultative with their customers.

The time for long requirements specification projects has passed. Combining digitalization and agile development with traditional project models has become more challenging.

Initially, the intention was to improve quality assurance in projects and to make quality assurance a more integral part of the project models. Projects lacked the concrete tools needed to provide customers greater transparency in the progress and quality of project work.

Qentinel helped Solteq building quality gates for the project model in order to guarantee the success of the project. Solteq’s new PULSE model included quality checkpoints.

The preconditions for success in customer projects are built largely in the negotiation phase. The PULSE model supports those responsible for sales in customer work. Project managers participate more actively in sales and negotiations when the cooperation with the customer is in the start phase. The activities and roles related to quality assurance in application development have also been linked to the PULSE model.

With its attention to quality, the project model primarily supports the project managers’ skills and provides them with practical tools. In addition, the model has brought Solteq credibility, built customer confidence and reduced business risk. In the pilot phase, the model was first seen as a bit demanding, but in practical project work it has begun to receive some praise – the model supports and backs up the work of the project manager.

Qentinel acted as a consultant and facilitated development with Qentinel Goal, but success also required the broad commitment of Solteq’s experts. The quality thinking that Qentinel has brought to Solteq’s project management has been beneficial to the development of Solteq’s business.

Customer feedback has become more positive and customer confidence has grown.

Solteq is a digital commerce expert, providing comprehensive solutions for omnichannel commerce, from back-office processes to the customer’s purchasing experience, and from directing the supply chain to digital marketing. Solteq has a passion to deliver the unexpected to its customers. In a rapidly changing world, Solteq is a partner who delivers today what you need tomorrow. The company employs about 500 experts in three different countries, serving Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.