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Qentinel Pace Product Description

Qentinel Pace is a next generation AI powered cloud based robotic software testing platform. Qentinel Pace is available as a SaaS product with a service-license agreement and is accessible over web, so you don’t have to install any local software.


Test design automation is key to improve productivity


Deliver supreme quality with Qentinel Pace

End-customers are the ultimate judges of quality and the ultimate proponents of a continually improving user experience. Digitalization, one of the key enablers of an experience economy, has rapidly percolated to the farthest corners of our society and economy; making software not only omnipresent, rather the backbone of any business thereof. It would not be unjust to claim that a business’s success is highly dependent on the quality of software running it.


Quality Intelligence® for DevOps

How to set up a DevOps dashboard that matters and how to avoid so called vanity metrics which might look good but provide little useful data. Learn here how DevOps creates value and how to measure it.


What are PaceWords?

Here’s a quick guide into the world of PaceWords. All you need to know in a compact and simple form. Code has never been this pretty!


Privacy and security

Qentinel Pace can be set up in multiple ways to keep your data safe! Check out all you need to know about setting up secure test automation for your most sensitive business processes.

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